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Miniature connectors

Miniature thermocouple connectors are primarily used for thin wires, thermo electric and compensation cables or sheathed thermocouples < 3 mm outside Ø. The housings are made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and are suitable for ambient temperatures up to 200 °C continuous. Connector contacts and jack sockets consist of thermocouple or compensating material. Measurement errors can be reliably prevented in this way. By differently designed contacts and markings on the housing, the polarity is unmistakable. Colour coding facilitates the detection of the thermocouple type.

Miniature connectors:

                Compact design
                Handy and stable
                Contacts made of thermocouple material
                Polarity unmistakable
                Color coding 
                Universal for laboratory and industry
                Available from stock

                ThermocoupleCode letterStandardColourPlugJack
                NiCr-CuNiEDIN EN 60 584purpleTS - EMTK - EM

                ANSI MC 96.1purple

                Fe-CuNiJDIN EN 60 584blackTS - JMTK - JM

                ANSI MC 96.1black

                NiCr-NiKDIN EN 60 584greenTS - KMTK - KM

                584ANSI MC 96.1yellow

                Fe-CuNiLDIN 43 722blueTS - LMTK - LM
                NiCrSi-NiSiNDIN EN 60 584pinkTS - NMTK - NM

                ANSI MC 96.1orange

                Cu-CuNiTDIN EN 60 584brownTS - TMTK - TM

                ANSI MC 96.1blue

                Pt10%Rh-PtSDIN EN 60 584orangeTS - SMTK - SM

                ANSI MC 96.1green

                Pt13%Rh-PtRDIN EN 60 584orangeTS - RMTK - RM

                ANSI MC 96.1green

                Pt30%Rh-Pt6%RhBkeine Norm festgelegtgreyTS - BMTK - BM
                W5%Re-W26%ReC (AE)ASTM E 988brownTS - CM (AEM)TK - CM (AEM)