Temperature measurement with more than 70 years
of worldwide experience.


Analog Transmitter Type KAT-RW and KAT-RT

Model with potentiometer

This model is designed for direct connection of resistance thermometers and thermocpuples. The design for thermocouples has a built-in reference junction and is available for a multitude of thermocouple types. The transmitter converts the signal from the temperature sensor into a standard signal of 4 … 20 mA (current loop). Depending on the design the signal is displayed temperature- linear (resistance thermometer) or EMF-linear (thermocouple). We supply transmitters with potentiometer for calibration point of zero and span.

The electromagnetic compatibillity is complies acc. standard of industry to EN 50081 and EN 50082.

Prefered is the mounting in the lid of the connection head or directly on the measuring insert.