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High Temperature - Thermocouples

High temperature thermocouples are manufactured for temperatures up to 2000 ° C.
In a large extent these thermocouples are used in aerospace, research laboratories and industry. For the various areas are suitable sheath materials, thermocouple combinations and insulating materials available.

Only the precious metal types S, R and B are internationally standardized in IEC 584-1/DIN EN 60584-1. Type V is described in ASTM E 1756, the types AA, C and D in the ASTM E 988 and the Type A in the GOST 858 In the new version of IEC 584-1 (IEC 60584-1), as design is present, recording of the types A and D (AE) is provided.

To prepare the measurement points and the protective fittings had some completely new techniques are developed, since the load at the very high temperatures as a result of various factors is quite considerable. For processing only come specifically for this purpose suitable and tested materials. The possible applications of various materials largely depend on the environmental conditions.