About Tempco

Why choose us?

Tempco Temperature measurement Pvt.Ltd. incorporated in the year 2010 located in Tarihal Industrial area Hubli/ Karnataka is a leading manufacturer of thermocouples, RTDs, straight thermocouple, accessories and related products in Hubli – Karnataka (India) with worldwide experience since 1945.

We have trained technician team who have gained the training in Germany to produce different types of temperature sensor. In manufacturing area we have micro plasma machine,TIG welding machine, laser machine with which we are capable of producing Mineral Insulated thermocouple of smaller diameter from 0.5 mm.

Above all this
  • Tailor-made solutions for your individual needs
  • Unique specialization in temperature technology to meet your requirements
  • Short delivery times
  • Enthusiastic team eager to fulfil your requirements

We develop, produce and distribute high-quality products to Automotive R&D, Power plants, Chemical and fertilizer, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, steel industries, furnaces and semiconductor industries.

The organizational structure of Tempco Temperature measurement Pvt.Ltd is specially aimed at optimum functionality and customer-friendly service. Well-defined competences and flat hierarchies enable short decision-making quick processes and responses to all customer requests.

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    Power Plant Technology
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